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Coach Fez-tastic...

...feat. Lyrical Benjie Vs SOLD! remix by Tits!

♀ Jen ♀
2 January 1986
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p00p is love


harry hill



I am benjie
I am 19
I live with loo loo and ogg in PENICUIK! trac and zeus in teh shack loo, scott + den in bonnie haymarket!
I rarely see any of the penicuik massiv'
I am unemployed have a job and I ♥ it
I am a vegetarian
I am very fussy
I don't speak japanese
I ♥ scott :D
I ♥ the muppet treasure island
I think tim curry is very sexy
I would like to be called clueless morgan if I was a man
I ♥ sunny days
I ♥ walking up clarkies
I ♥ tacky things
I really ♥ the new 99p shop
I miss the napier flats :(
I need a drink from the pot of life
I ♥ to party



my pet!



my pet!


my interest by sven...

workies bum


I have a love for...







pink panther



pickled pink



psychedelic pink


my favourite hat ever...



the best film in the world...

mr ice cream man


i have a huge crush on...

tim curry



russell brand






johnny ross


muma j...

muma j


created by: crazy_clockwork

Livejournal is my one true love!!!

Tamagotchis are love.

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this is me...



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