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a massiv' reunion???

yes it is true, the penicuik massiv' will be back at studio 24 for a one night only reunion!
so far the line up consists of:


think that's em all so far!

lets just hope its not a GA!

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Odd deer colection

benjie + MJ's big night out...

mmmmmmmmmmm so MJ dragged me out of my cosy house at like 11PM to go clubbing last night, silly me for having work at 9 this morning :S
but we had loads of fun and got very drunk hehehe


** drinking loads of wine before going out, talking to loo + tracey and listening to roddy baby - you make me horny and hot
** never look a gift horse in the mouth
** it's all in the wrist
** bumping into mc and his SEXAY brother
** our new friend KEV!!!
** all our other new friends
** BILL???
** MJ taing like 100000000000 random guys home hahahaha (she shagged them all, even the gay one)

I can't remember much else apart from MJ getting her tits out for the lads but I guess she does that all the time anyway hehehehe!!!

hmmmmmmmmmmm why was the free porn channel on when I put the tv on this morning? I bet it was barry and anna!!!!

wah! work sucks when I'm hungover but luckily there is hardly anyone here, not much work and its 1pm already!!!

I think I'm still a tad drunk............

I miss loo!!!!

Don't tell Manager Anne that you smoke weed, she'll call the cops!!!!

peace out homies
x ♥ x
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